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Get to know the main user interface

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After a capture has been initiated, we come to the main Analysis Screen, which provides a wide range of statistics and analysis results for us to analyze and monitor our network. The main user interface is described below:

  1. Menu Button: click it to display the menu which contains all the infrequently used commands, i.e. Print, Engine Settings, Global Options, and so on.
  2. Ribbon: all frequently used commands of the older version are transplanted into big icons in the Ribbon, which enables us to find commands more conveniently and quickly.
  3. Node Explorer: organizes all the protocols, physical addresses and IP addresses appearing in our network in a hierarchical structure, which gives us a general understanding of the network communication. We can use it as a display filter to concentrate our analysis on a specific node as well.
  4. Main Views: the main part of the program, It provides all the statistics, diagnosis results, logs, reports, graphs, packets and matrix in 14 different tabs.
  5. Alarm Explorer: manages all the alarms and notifies us of all the activities violating our alarm rules with pop ups.
  6. Status Bar: displays general information with adapter name, filter settings, project duration, packet count and alarms statistics of the project.
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0 #2 Colasoft Support 2016-07-15 05:39
Quoting FrankG:
Where is the 'Diagnosis' tab seen in the How-To's?

Frank, the Diagnosis tab is only available for Capsa Enterprise. You can apply a Capsa Enterprise demo here to test it on your network:
0 #1 FrankG 2016-07-14 18:12
Where is the 'Diagnosis' tab seen in the How-To's?

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