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How to replay a packet file

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When we enabled Capsa to save the captured packets to a packet file, the program inputs the packets to your chosen file format continuously. Whenever we want to go back to a packet file to find out some evidences, we can select and replay the file with the following steps:

  • Run Capsa.
  • On the Start Page, choose Replay analysis mode.
  • Click Add to add packet files to the replay list.
  • Choose a replay speed (Normal or Quick).
  • Choose a Network Profile fitting for the network environment of the packets.
  • Choose an Analysis Profile.
  • Click Run button to initiate the replay mission.

Note: the Normal speed means that when a packet processed, the next packet will be sent in when the delta time is reached. Every packet stored in the packet file, .cscpkt format and some other formats, has a property call delta time, which identifies the time span between last packet and itself. On the contrary, the Quick speed ignores this property. The later packet goes in when the first one is processed.

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