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How to save packets to disk

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To save the captured packets to disk, we need to make the following configurations:

  • On the Start Page, double-click an Analysis Profile icon, click Next.
  • Or in a capture mission, click the Packet Storage icon on the Ribbon.
  • Select Packet Storage in the left panel, and then check Enable auto packet saving in the right panel.
  • Check Single file if the traffic is small and short-term capture, and input a path to keep the packet file.
  • Or check Multiple file if you plan to run a long term capture and want to break the traffic in little files, and then choose a folder to keep the files, input a string as file name prefix, set conditions to split files, and the kept file number.
  • Click Finish (or OK) button

Also we can save the packets in the packet buffer to a file:

  • Click the Export icon in the Packet Buffer group of the Ribbon.
  • Choose a path to save the packet file.

Note that the packets in the packet buffer are just a small portion of the packets captured because the buffer size is limited. To save all the packets since the capture initiated, we should follow the instructions of the first part above to configure to save packets to disk instead of exporting the packets in the packet buffer.

Another tutorial about saving packets to file, please read - Save Packet Data to Multiple Packet Files

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