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Create network link to start monitoring traffic

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If this is your first run of nChronos server, you need to go over three steps to initialize the server. Please read nChronos Server First Run - Server Initialization for more details.

A network link is defined as the traffic source of a monitoring session. Depending on different editions, higher edition enables you to use one nChronos server to monitor mirror traffic from multiple NICs in one link, while basic edition may only support monitor traffic from a single NIC. For example, there are two network adapters on an nChronos server, and you can use each of them to monitor a switch’s traffic. When you connect the console to the server, you can view analysis results of all links on the server.

By default there isn’t any link created so after installation nChronos server won’t start to monitor your network traffic automatically. There are two steps you should take to start a link monitoring:

Add a Network Link

To add a network link, follow instructions below:

  1. Click Network Link on the left side under Configurations.
  2. Click Add New Link button.
  3. Enter link name and choose a capture interface type.
  4. Select capture interface.
  5. Check Calculate inbound & outbound traffic volume if you want to enable nChronos to work out the total traffic volume, and you will see the statistics on nChronos console.
  6. Specify network segment. This setting is used to identify which hosts are in your LAN, the nodes not in range will be recognized as Internet hosts.
  7. Check Calculate inbound & outbound utilization if you need to show traffic utilization on the trend chart on console.
  8. If Calculate inbound & outbound utilization is checked, you need to set the inbound bandwidth and outbound bandwidth for this interface.
  9. Click Save to finish settings.

A new network link created, you need to click Start button to initiate the link to start monitoring. If you need to make changes to the link settings, you can click Edit button to follow the steps above to change the settings.

Start Link Monitoring

To start/stop a link monitoring session is simple, follow the steps below to start or stop a link monitoring:

  1. Click Network Link link on the left side under Configurations.
  2. Under Actions, click Stop or Start to change a link monitoring running status.

Besides you can start and stop a link session, you can also do on the nChronos console.

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