nChronos FAQs

Wednesday, 15 June 2011 07:01 Colasoft
  • (1) I double-clicked the server icon on the desktop, but the web browser didn’t open server administration page, why?
  • (2) What’s the difference between Administration port and Communication port under Basic Settings?
  • (3) Is the communication between nChronos server and nChronos console encrypted?
  • (4) I cannot connect to my nChronos server, what should I do?
  • (5) I don’t see any statistics in the views except “Please select a time span on the trend chart.”
  • (6) How do I drill-down?
  • (7) I finished the configurations of the Email Options to alert me anomalies, but I never get an email, why?
  • (8) How can I download the packets on nChronos server to my local host?
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