Create traffic utilization chart over a period of time in minutes or hours

Wednesday, 23 March 2011 06:33 Colasoft

This page discusses how to create a chart showing the total traffic utilization over a time interval like every 30-second or every hour in Capsa.

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  1. Start a capture.
  2. On the Dashboard tab, create a new dashboard sub-tab as figure 1 (Input new tab name > select default layout > OK). You can ignore this step if you want the new chart placed in the default tab. But a new sub-tab delivers a better looking.

    Create a new sub-tab in Dashboard
  3. Create a new utilization chart as instruction figure 2 (Enter chart name > select statistic counter - traffic - utilization > OK).

    Create an utilization graph
  4. Right-click on the traffic utilization chart, change the settings as instructed in figure 3 (Right-click on the chart > change display type – line, area, bar > change time interval – minute, hour). As pointed on the picture, select the time interval you need. Capsa shows the total traffic utilization over an interval of HOUR, MINUTE, and SECOND.

    Change chart settings, sample interval
  5. Done.
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